Video Training: The Well-Managed Meeting

Individual Activity Due July 15, 2016


Prior to viewing the video, ensure you have created an account by registering your name and e-mail address at This is a different vendor than the account you registered for the Accoutability That Works! video training.

  1. Download the Notes Page HERE and take notes on key points that are discussed in the video - be sure to bring these notes with you to the Making Meetings Work Workshop on July 28.

  2. Sign in to Kantola below and watch the video entitled "The Well-Managed Meeting." 

  3. Complete the quiz to reiterate the main learning points from the video.

  4. Print your Certificate of Completion. Congrats - you have reached your AIM (Action Inspired Module)!

Departmental Snapshot: My Meeting Attitude

Departmental Activity Due July 22, 2016

  1. Download the My Meeting Attitude Activity and take it to your departmental team learning session.

  2. Complete the activity with your team members.

  3. Discuss the lessons learned from the activity and the effective meeting management practices you can begin immediately implementing at work.

Workshop: Making Meetings Work

Agency Activity Due July 28, 2016

This interactive workshop will enable you to explore the factors that make meetings effective or ineffective. You'll have the opportunity to identify the types of behavior and attitudes that contribute to the success of meetings. Working with your peers, you'll be able to establish what can be done at AESF to make meetings more effective!

  1. Download the PowerPoint Slides HERE and bring them with you to the workshop.

  2. Download the Participant Handouts below and bring them with you to the workshop.

Missed the workshop? No problem! Click HERE to access it.

Cohort Meet-Up #1: Agenda Template Design

Group Activity Due August 1, 2016

  1. Download the Agenda Template Design Activity and complete it prior to meeting with your Cohort.

  2. Take your completed activity, along with your two agenda template examples, to your Cohort Meet-Up.

  3. Working with your Cohort Members, review the activity and share best practices for agenda design.

  4. Take the best practices back to your department and share your recommendations for implementation.

Cohort Meet-Up #2: Your Accountability Matrix

Partner Activity Due August 3, 2016

Continue applying what you have learned about effective meeting management by designing and using an Accountability Matrix.

  1. Download Your Accountability Matrix Activity and take it with you to your Cohort Meet-Up.

  2. At the Cohort Meet-Up, pair up with a partner to complete the activtity. 

  3. After completing the activity with your partner, reconvene with your Cohort and share the Matrix you created by explaining why you chose to include specific information in its design.

Ops Teach-Back: Making Meetings Work

Team-Taught Training Due August 22

This is your opportunity to disseminate and reinforce learning by sharing Making Meetings Work with the Operations Department.

  1. Form a group of 4 to deliver the training.

  2. Download the PowerPoint Presentation HERE.

  3. Download the Leader's Guide and Participant Handouts below.

  4. Determine the format and content of the training - including using The Well-Managed Meeting video.

  5. Divide any training preparation tasks equally among the four trainers.

  6. Deliver the training by taking a highly interactive, fun, and hands-on approach.

  7. Gather feedback from the participants regarding what worked during the training and what could be done differently next time.

  8. Encourage participants to immediately implement the lessons they learned back on the job!

Departmental Revisit #1: Meetings Management

Departmental Activity Due September 8, 2016

  1. Download the Meetings Management Activity below and complete it prior to meeting with your departmental team.

  2. Take your completed activity with you to the departmental learning session and discuss best practices, key insights, and lessons learned.

  3. With your departmental team members, decide what to implement, when, and how.

  4. Plan for success by determining follow-up and follow-through initiatives.

Departmental Revisit #2: Improving Our Meetings

Departmental Activity Due November 1, 2016

  1. Download the Improving Our Meetings Activity and take it to your departmental team learning session.

  2. Complete the activity with your team members.

  3. Discuss the lessons learned from the activity and the effective meeting management practices you can begin immediately implementing at work.

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