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Could Coaching Help YOUR Team Be More Successful?


Successful team members share inspiring goals and support each other in reaching those goals. They know their purpose and believe it’s important. Everyone agrees to the vision, mission, and task of the team, and an action plan is set in place to accomplish the outcome. The strengths of each team member are recognized, appreciated, and utilized. Team members are committed to working together and structure themselves in a way that gets the job done in the most effective manner. They are committed to building positive relationships with one other and working through conflict in a healthy, constructive way. Their focus is on objectives and activities directed toward reaching their goals as they put the needs of the team AHEAD of their own personal needs.

What is a Professional Coach?


A Professional Coach is a trusted partner who will guide you in reaching your fullest potential — both professionally and personally. A Coach provides a supportive relationship and non-judgmental environment to help you create what you want by acquiring the tools you need to achieve your goals. Working with your Coach, you will identify tangible steps and action plans to reach ultimate success.


A Professional Coach works:

  • One-on-one with individual employees.

  • With two people at a time who want to strengthen their working relationship.

  • In small groups such as teams (typically up to 6 people at a time).



Where Does Coaching Happen?


Coaching takes place in person or over the telephone depending on the client's needs and location. E-mail communication, online activities, and conference calls are often part of the Coaching Process. We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your goals — everything from communication skills, relationship building, and professional confidence to leadership development, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a solution-focused strategy for attaining success.



Is Professional Coaching the same as Therapy? 

While Professional Coaching can certainly be therapeutic, it is not traditional therapy. Therapy typically focuses on psychological concerns and issues whereas Professional Coaching focuses on improving communication and building more effective workplace relationships. While emotional issues may arise, the primary focus of Professional Coaching is to help you identify your goals and achieve them by developing new skill sets. While therapy often places emphasis on the past, Coaching puts emphasis on creating what you want in the present and future.

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